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What are Instant Win Games?

A game of chance similar to a pull tab except that an instant game does not utilize a seal card.
There are no holders; all winners are paid out instantly.

Instant win pull tabs pay prizes instantly for winning tickets with matching symbols!

Winning combinations of symbols are typically displayed horizontally within a single window. However, there are also games where winning symbols span across windows vertically or diagonally, or as a combination of horizontal, vertical, and/or diagonal.

Horizontal Match 3 Example

To win, players must match three of the same symbols in a single horizontal row. The prize amount shown on the inside of a winning ticket corresponds to the matching three symbols as shown on the front of the ticket.

Criss-Cross Example

To win, a player must have a combination of two matching "anchor" symbols and one of the winning symbols. Games with criss-cross play may have multiple winning prizes, where more than one winning combination occurs on a single ticket.


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