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Combine the impact of our incredibly creative and colorful graphics with our stunning variety of games and no one else can match Arrow's lineup of Popp-Opens® pull tab tickets. With many different play styles, sizes, shapes, ticket counts, and payout options to choose from, you're sure to find all kinds of winners!

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How Pull Tab Games Can Help

Raise Funds
for Your Charity

Popp-Opens pull tabs are some of the most popular fundraising gaming solutions for charity game operators. These fun and colorful tickets go by many different names: break opens, pickle cards, cherry bells, Nevada tickets, bowl games, and instant bingo.

No matter what kind of organization you have or what your fundraising needs are, Popp-Opens pull tab games provide an easy and effective way to raise money fast! Watch the video to learn how pull tab tickets can raise funds for your charity.

Arrow International Pull Tab Tickets

Arrow's Popp-Opens pull tab tickets are among the most popular fundraising solutions for charitable gaming organizations and lotteries all over the world. With an average payout of 75% and guaranteed profits, Popp-Opens are a win-win for both players and organizations.

Pull Tab Tickets are Fun and Easy to Play!
Learn about Pull Tabs and How to Protect your Profits!


What Are Popp-Opens
Pull Tabs?

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Popp-Opens Pull Tabs

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25¢ & 50¢

25¢ & 50¢ tickets provide players with a less expensive alternative to traditional $1 games. A lower cost risk will likely encourage new players to give pull tab tickets a try!

Play 25 cent & 50 cent Pull Tabs

25¢ and 50¢ Pull Tabs offer
longer play and more fun!

For $20, how many pull tabs would you rather play? Give your players up to 4x chances to win!

20 Tickets at $1 each

40 Tickets at 50¢ each

80 Tickets at 25¢ each

Multiply Your Profits!

25¢ & 50¢ pull tabs will help you to reach a much larger audience that includes current players who want more bang for their buck, and potential new players that aren’t ready to commit to $1 tickets. Even at a lower price point, these additional pull tab sales will add up quickly to boost profits!

Variety is the Key!

By offering a variety of lower priced, high payout pull tab tickets, you'll appeal to those players on tight budgets or fixed incomes. And when you partner with Arrow, you'll get the largest selection of 25¢ and 50¢ tickets in the industry to keep your players coming back for more!

Create new pull tab players

by offering 2/$1 and 4/$1 pull tab tickets!

The more pull tab tickets a player opens, the better their chances are of becoming a winner! As players win, they will typically move up the scale in how much they spend. For instance, a player who often wins on 25¢ pull tabs will likely purchase 50¢ pull tabs.

Everyone Loves a Winner

Everyone loves to see winners, and when games pay, more people play! The more chances there are for players to win, the more winners there will be, which means more players will purchase tickets.

Players Love Variety

Increase your overall percentage of pull tab players by offering a wide variety of tickets and games at lower price points. Your sales will go up, which means more profits for your organization!

Everyone has a Chance to Play

When disposable incomes start to shrink, money becomes tight. 25¢ & 50¢ games provide your players with a less expensive alternative to the traditional dollar games. This lower cost risk will likely encourage new players to give pull tabs a try.

More Bang for the Buck

The math is simple: $20 will give a player twenty $1 tickets, forty 50¢ tickets, or eighty 25¢ tickets. This means that players can play longer for the same amount of money, and they'll have double, triple or even quadruple their chances of winning.

Small Winners Play Big

Research has shown that pull tab players who win cash prizes of less than $5 will most likely spend their winnings instantly on another chance to win.

For the Fun of it!

The more tickets a player can buy for their dollar means more entertainment for the same amount of money. More tabs to pull, more chances to win, and more fun!

How to Sell More 25¢ and 50¢ Pull Tabs

Put the Nevada Gold II to Work!

The Nevada Gold II is your most reliable salesperson. When you stock your NGII with Arrow's huge variety of 25¢ and 50¢ pull tabs, you'll see your ticket sales and your profits soar!

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The Industry Gold Standard

Nevada Gold is the fastest and most reliable ticket dispenser in the industry.

More Profits. Less Workload.

Let Nevada Gold handle your pull tab sales and keep your bartender pouring drinks.

No Training Necessary.

With the hassle-free NGII, there's no complaining, miscounts, or lunch breaks.

Free Labor. No Sick Days.

Nevada Gold never takes a day off and gives you a paycheck, not the other way around.

Nevada Gold II Ticket Dispenser

Getting Back Your Customers!

Cash is the oxygen of your charity! Breathe some life back into your pull tab ticket sales! Offer 25¢ & 50¢ tickets as a way of getting back your customers. Times are tough and money may be tight as we work our way through our recovery.

Pull Tab Styles

Keep your players coming back by providing variety!

Instant Win Games

Pull tabs that pay prizes instantly for winning tickets with matching symbols.

Seal Card Games

Tickets with sign-up numbers that correspond to a seal, giving players a chance to win an additional, larger prize.

Progressive Jackpot Games

A seal card or bingo event game variation that offers a players a chance to win a large, accumulated prize.

Cashboard Games

A seal card game within a game with the enticement of bigger prizes displayed on an oversized cashboard seal card.

Bingo Event Games

A pull tab game played along with a bingo session where prizes are determined by the draw of a bingo ball.

Jar Tickets

Small, single-ply folded and banded paper games that include a flare card or poster that lists prizes and winning payouts.

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