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What are Bingo Event Games?

An event game is a type of pull tab game, with or without a seal card, that is designed by the manufacturer so that certain prizes are determined by the draw of a bingo ball. Often played in conjunction with a regular bingo game.

Event games (also called ball or dab games) combine the best of bingo and pull tabs into one exciting game.

Like seal card games, bingo event games have a set of "HOLD" tickets. The "HOLD" tickets in a bingo event game traditionally contain one or more bingo ball numbers (B1-O75) and/or "HOLD" numbers. These tickets are usually dabbed by players as a bingo game is being called, giving players additional chances to win a larger prize(s).

Arrow's bingo event games are available with a variety of ticket counts, number of hold tickets, play styles, and ways to win. There are three basic event games with different ways to determine a winner - dab or coverall games, downline or derby games, and last ball games.

Dab or Coverall Game

Dab Games are bingo event games with more than one bingo number on a ticket. The winner is the first player who dabs all the numbers on their ticket during the designated bingo game.

Downline or Derby Game

Downline games consist of event tickets containing the same numbers as the downlines on a flashboard. The winner is the holder of the ticket with the first downline completed during the designated bingo game.

Last Ball Game

In a Last Ball game, the player with a hold ticket that contains the last number called in the designated bingo game is the winner. This type of game is also referred to as a Single Ball Game.

Advantages to Operators

Raised Attendance

Bingo event games add more fun and excitement to your regular bingo games that can help to get players in the door.

Increased Revenue

Smaller ticket counts mean faster ticket sales and quicker gameplay. Instant win prize payouts are often used by players to purchase additional tickets.

Guaranteed Profits

Event game winners aren't paid out until the entire ticket deal is sold.

Benefits for Players

More Chances to Win!

In addition to playing to win the regular bingo game, event games give players the opportunity to win even more prizes.

Thrill and Excitement!

Suspense will build throughout your bingo session, adding excitement to the game, until the bingo event winner is finally revealed.

Everyone Can Play!

Bingo event games are an inexpensive way for players get in on the action!


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